Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

to decide the proportion asset in company

Before to decide proportion  of asset, we need to do analysis such as :
1) the age, how much time we have to growth our investment. As well as amount of capital to invest and future capital needs. 
2) personality, style we look up the risk and asset
3) risk-tolerance, need to know the risk return characteristic of the various asset classes.

I think to know the right proportion, we need to do the optimal portfolio in investment. Because the portfolio doing combination between one instrument with other instrument stock market. So we can save the maximum profit and minimum risk. And doing portfolio we can do that:
1. placement analysis, collect the data (quantitative & qualitative) of the various investment tool will be the portfolio.
2. portfolio construction, doing various instrument tool be able to fulfil the purpose of investment
3. portfolio selection, doing combination between investment tool was chosen  before. The purpose of this combination is clearly to get the efficiency portfolio.

the process portfolio investment we need doing that: 
1) decide the investment policy.
 2) analyses the securities. 
3) shaping the portfolio, choosing right securities and how much we can give the fund.
 4) portfolio revision.
 5) appraising  portfolio activities.

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  1. kak mau tanya, jadi kalau kita mau investasi itu sebenarnya cara melihat suatu perusahaan itu bagus atau engga nya gimana ?